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UFO Solway sightings
Last updated 13:32, Wednesday, 01 April 2009
EXTRA terrestrial activity over the Solway Firth is hotting up, according to a UFO research group.
Sightings of orange lights over West Cumbria have recently “gone crazy” according to founder of the North West UFO Group, Pat Regan.
“We’ve had around 12 reports come from the Workington and Maryport area,” he said.
“We’ve had others from Silloth and Ambleside and most of them seem to be very similar. Activity over West Cumbria has gone crazy since the new year.”
The latest witness report came on Thursday when an astronomy enthusiast spotted two orange balls of light moving at great speed over the Solway Firth over towards Moresby and Whitehaven and on to the north east.
The man, who did not want be named, said: “It was at 8.04pm. The lights were following each other then they crossed over. “There’s an international space satellite that passes over on a regular basis, but I have monitored the space satellite and I know its movements and trajectory. These lights were completely different.
“Iridium flares passed over at 7.33pm and what I saw came much later – we can completely rule out any satellites.”
On March 16, a member of the public reported seeing an orange light from their home in the Kells area of Whitehaven to the HM Coastguard. It was described as orange, moving towards Whitehaven dock area and then moving slowly up into the sky.
A similar orange light was spotted by a woman walking home along Wampool Street, Silloth, in February. Another sighting was reported as moving offshore from Ravenglass in January.
Mr Regan added: “It’s almost as if the thing is out there in a monitoring phase, and, when approached, it whizzes off.”
Mr Regan featured in the international press last year after inadvertently photographing a UFO during a Lancashire twister storm.
He was later interviewed by the UFO Hunters TV group from America.
Mr Regan claims that the group has asked him to monitor the sightings in Cumbria.
“They are watching this area with interest,” he added.

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