domenica 5 aprile 2009


Di seguito riportati, casi di avvistamenti in California nei primi giorni di Aprile.

Los Angeles, CA - 4/4/2009 - Witness observed what they first thought to be a star, but noticed that the object was spinning. The object had flashing blue, white, and red lights and appeared to be far away, possibly travelling over the ocean. It hovered steadily, but would also move up and down. The red lights seemed to be more laser-like and would flash out. Witness said that there were times where the red light was pointed right on their eye.

Santa Cruz, CA - 4/3/2009 - Witness noticed three lights moving exceptionally fast, from east to west, along the Monterey Bay coast. The lights moved in unison, changing directions several times, then disappeared after about ten seconds. The lights appeared to be a dull, dark red, and did not flash or blink. Witness estimated the altitude of several thousand feet. There was no sound, and the object appeared to travel at a much greater speed than a conventional aircraft or satellite. The witness stated that the speed was similar to a "shooting star", except that the three lights changed directions and moved together.

Moreno Valley, CA - 4/1/2009 - Witness observed the object through binoculars and described strange flashing lights. The lights kept flashing red, blue, white, and appeared to be rotating rather than fixed on the wing of an aircraft.

Port Hueneme, CA - 4/1/2009 - Witness observed a bright star-like light moving across the sky. There were no blinking lights and the light maintained the same level of brilliance. The object continued moving away from the witness, heading south towards Malibu. The bright light started to slowly dim, then turned red, before finally disappearing. A few minutes the witness heard the roar of fighter jets flying extremely low up and down the coast for a period of roughly 15 minutes.

Additional UFO sightings recently reported, including a fast moving bright white light near Texas Air Force base:

Abilene, Texas - 4/2/2009 - Witness observed a bright white light moving at a fast rate of speed from west to east. Witness estimated the altitude at approximately 10,000 feet, and the object emitted no sound. The object was large, bright, and star-like with no blinking red or colored lights. The brilliant white object moved across half of the visable sky, in level flight, in less than five seconds. The object then made a change of course, heading almost due east then suddenly vanished. Witness lives near Dyess Air Force base and noticed heavy B1 activity prior to the sighting, with several take-offs occurring during the sighting.

Cape May, New Jersey - 4/2/2009 - A group of witnesses observed an extremely bright light that appeared to be heading directly toward them. They became alarmed due to how low the object was flying. The object flew directly overhead, and emitted no detectible sound. The witnesses then observed a second smaller lighted object travelling above the first object at a 45 degree upward angle, travelling at exactly the same speed. The witnesses observed many more similar objects flying everywhere they looked. The activity continued for over three hours
Alabama resident captures strange-looking object on Google - An Alabama resident recently submitted this photo to the Mutual UFO Network, wondering if they captured some sort of starship. The coordinates are RA 01:10:05, and the object is visible on WWT, Google sky, and Mufon is continuing to investigate.

Atlantic City, NJ - 4/2/2009 - The witness was standing in the back of the Flagship Hotel when they noticed an object falling straight down. The object was orb-shaped, burning an orange color, with white smoke trailing behind it. The witness lost view of the object when it became obscured behind a row of houses.

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