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Virginia Beach witness shot photos and video of two UFOs in the night sky March 29 - of objects "streaking back and forth."
Driving along after having dinner, he stopped the car to take photos when he spotted the strange lights.
Three of his images were uploaded to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database. The video is not yet available.
Below is the unedited report as filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that some sightings can be explained as natural occurances or manmade. We will report back with any MUFON findings they send our way - especially a photo analysis.
VA, March 29, 2009 - The unidentified objects where in a sense horse-playin in the sky!!!? Up and down round and round etc...
Around 830 I left Applebee's on Virginia Beach blvd in Va Beach headed towards Independence Blvd as I approached the corner of Va beach Blvd I happened to look up and my first thought was what in the world is that streaking back and fourth across the sky like that, I'm used to seeing all types of fighter jets from the bases or planes going in for landing at the airport but this was nothing of the sort.
Not a shooting star or meteorite it was not just going in one direction, so I decided to pull over in the Pembroke Mall parking lot got out of the car and began to snap what I got in the photos are totally different than the actual footage
Photo: Wintess Image # 1.
I had no idea I actually caught something on video until I got home and downloaded the video.
There are actually two flying objects going in circles and traveling at BAFFLING speeds so awesome u had to see it to believe it
my 6 and 7 year old neices where screaming look at the fire birds and I was so shocked by what I was witnessing that I almost couldn't get it togeather for a second, the first pic it shoots straight down and is fairly large moving through the pic, the next pic u see where its lower and then the third pic it swoops back around to circle the building almost as if it was running off the buildings energy....
it was almost as if they were playing round!!!IDK.
Now the video is weird because I was actually trying to video the flying visible objects but the video @20 seconds shows something weird....a set of bright orange lights appear start a fast circular motion and disappears and that was not visible to the naked eye and to actually see what it does watch in slow motion.
Bright light and 'boom'
One hour after my sighting there was a bright light that lit up the Virginia skys and a enormous boom, I'm sure u heard about that one of mypics was on the WAVY 10 News.......what do u make of it.......pick these pictures apart when u zoom these pics on the digital camera its amazing...........Sign NOLONGERASKEPTIC
Photo: Witness image # 2.
No room 4 video want 2 send all pics more than three and a 20 second video!!!!


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