venerdì 17 aprile 2009


Hattiesburg, Mississippi - 4/15/2009

A mother and her three children witnessed a strange formation of UFO's fly over their home in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.  The oldest daughter yelled for her mother to come to see what she thought was smoke coming towards them.  At first, the mother thought the objects were birds flying information.  Looking through binoculars, she described seeing a fleet of many oval, egg-shaped objects flying in a "v" formation.  The objects made no sound, and were traveling very slowly from east to west.  The speed of travel was slow enough to allow the witnesses to get a good look at the objects.  The objects were changing into many different shapes, and at times were transparent.  As the objects floated to the end of the house, they suddenly disappeared.  The entire incident lasted a total of six minutes.

Chicago, IL - 4/15/2009

The witness was riding the Midway Orange Line train to work.  As he looked out the window he saw a glowing disk-shaped object towards the southeast.  The object remained stationary for approximately 35 seconds and then just flew away.

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