domenica 5 aprile 2009


SATELLITES and space stations have both been offered as explanations for strange lights seen in the sky over North East Lincolnshire.

As reported, two people independently contacted the Grimsby Telegraph about the odd occurrences which they saw in the Laceby area.

Hereford School pupil Emma Broadbent (15) and Nige Allison (35), from Grimsby, both saw "protractor shaped" flashes in the sky which they could not explain at about 8pm on March 23.

Meanwhile, Pat Jones (52) and her daughter Claire Smith (20) were with their neighbour, Amy Newport (19), when they spotted a multi-coloured flashing object hovering in the sky above their homes in Grimsby's Grafton Street.

They say they spotted the object at about 9.30pm on Wednesday night.


Various theories have been offered about what they might have seen.

Miguel Cooksey (44), from Grasby, said: "There has been a lot of activity in the sky over the last week with the International Space Station being visible in the sky as it re-angled its solar panels."

The station is being constructed in orbit, and will be finished in 2011.

"There has also been the launch of a space shuttle, which was on Thursday," he added.

"Both have been visible from our area recently."

However, astronomer Mike Brightmore, secretary of the Cleethorpes and District Astronomical Society, said: "It wouldn't be the space station. They look like a bright star in the sky but it could be an Iridium flare.

"Iridium is a company responsible for up to 80 communication satellites in the sky which have very large antenna attached to them.

"When they get turned around they catch the light and the result is a flash which can last anything up to three seconds. That is known as a flare.

"Although we probably can't look back to March 23, there are websites which will be able to say when you will see them over the next week.

"You can see them fairly often but many people will dismiss what they see as their eyes playing tricks on them."

But Mrs Jones remains adamant that she spotted a UFO in the sky above Grimsby.

She said: "I've been reading the stories in the Grimsby Telegraph and they scare me quite a bit.

"I just hope we are not being bombarded by aliens."

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