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Di seguito proposta, un'intervista fatta dall'Examiner Roger Marsh, ad un presunto testimone dell'avvistamento all'aeroporto di O'Hare a Chicago. Il testimone, chiamato OHAREUFOWITNESS secondo il suo nickname in youtube, ha postato un'interessantissimo video su you tube dell'accaduto, che ora è all'esamina del MUFON, una se non forse la più importante associazione ufologica del mondo.

The following interview was conducted, at his request, through messages sent through youtube. His answers are unedited. We have asked for a copy of the original video to be given to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) for analysis.

OHAREUFOWITNESS: Here's the exclusive interview as promised. Sorry i've only just got round to answering your questions but i've been swamped with messages from all over the world, including t.v, radio, newspapers, mags, websites, etc. I decided to give Roger the exclusive, simply because he was the first to ask, and because I'm sick of big media companies thinking they should get it first, just because they have lots of green coloured pieces of paper!!!, other people are just as important.

EXAMINER: Where were you filming from?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: I was at some distance from the airport, and remember I was filming at 4xdigital zoom, but I was facing Concourse C as far as I can remember.

EXAMINER: Details as far as height and distance away from being directly under

OHAREUFOWITNESS: O, I was roughly 100 meters away from the saucer, UFO looked to be be at a height of 750 feet from the ground. The reason I got the incredible angle I got, was because I was stood on a wall with my camera held at arm's length, held high above my head and I was filming at full zoom of 4x.

EXAMINER: How long did you observe it? Is this all the footage you have?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: I just turned around Roger and it was there, I observed it for 2 minutes. I only got 1 miute of film because my cell phone memory was full.

EXAMINER: How many people were with you , around looking at it?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: I was alone but I could see about 7 other people in the distance all with cell phones going bonkers, shouting, so others must have footage and pics. One guy had what looked like a camcorder???

EXAMINER: Do you know of any one else with footage or photos?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: The other people I know with footage and photos, contacted me through youtube after I came forward, I have met these 2 witnesses and posted their evidence, all I can say is that they seemed like credible men. I've had other people contact me, and I have arranged meetings to view their evidence, if it's credible and they check out, and they let me post the footage, I will.

EXAMINER: Which direction were you facing?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: I was facing Concourse C.

EXAMINER: What was weather condition like?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: Weather was overcast, cloudy, but with some breaks in the clouds, where blue sky could be seen, thats why the clip looks like it does.

EXAMINER: How light was it at that time?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: sky could be seen, thats why the clip looks like it does.

EXAMINER: What model phone camera was it that you used?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: The phone was a Samsung SGH-D900 3 Megapixel camera phone.

EXAMINER: Did you zoom in on it?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: Filming all the time at 4x digital zoom.

EXAMINER: Describe the characteristic of the object as far as color, shape, motion, sound, anything.

OHAREUFOWITNESS: UFO looked gigantic, hazy, dark, metallic, silent, cigar/saucer shaped, frozen still. Then it shot off upwards after 2 minutes at what I would estimate to be 30-40,000 mph.

EXAMINER: Did you run into more people since then that claim to have seen it, have photos, or video footage?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: Only people I have run into with o'hare UFO claims are through youtube since I came forward.

EXAMINER: Would you talk to Sam Maranto who investigated this case with NARCAP?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: I refuse to get involved with skeptics/debunkers/researchers/believers. People can think what the hell they like, no way am I throwing myself to the dogs, so they can all attack my credibility, I've had enough of this on youtube since I came forward. It is what it is, think what they want, but trust me, my footage is genuine, and shows a real UFO. Lots of people are now trying to debunk the other 2 pieces of evidence, but they cant get an exact match on the clouds on the extraterrestrial tourists clip, which proves it's real, and I cant wait for the sorry ass excuses regarding captain Smiths 35mm photo.

EXAMINER: Can a better copy be sent to him for evaluation?

OHAREUFOWITNESS: I will consider sending a better copy of my clip, this will be to you Roger, I will let you know soon, probably will actually to have it looked at by experts to shut the debunkers up.

OHAREUFOWITNESS: One woman contacted me who says she saw a green reptilian man with glowing red eyes on that day, she says he evaporated before her very eyes at the airport.
One man says he saw a beautiful blue woman dressed in a black cat suit, complete with weapons belt and a laser gun in one of the airport toilets on that day, he said she was holding a long silver tube with 3 red lights on it, she pushed one and vanished, he claims he sufferd physical effects after this.
A man says he is a doctor and that he was boarding an aircraft, and he witnessed a dark saucer pop in and out of the clouds for a few brief seconds on that day.
Anyway roger, I have no way of proving these claims, I have told them to come forward.
Have to go, take care Roger, I will be in touch soon with the original clip for analysis.


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