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A voi una serie di 10 casi, riportati sempre dall'Examiner Roger Marsh, avvenuti negli USA dal 17 Marzo al 1 Aprile. (MUFON database)

California, March 30, 2009 - 10 plus boomerang shaped objects hovering in sky above Carlsbad.

Boomerang object hovered in sky for little over an hour, no other planes in site. hardly any stars in sky on this night. I went out to smoke a cigarette and notice these objects in the sky. Boomerang objects with flashing red, white and blue lights back in for not in any set pattern just changing of colors back and forth. About 10min in I notice a jet or some type of plane fly by and the objects didn't move. I tried taking a photo but cell phone camera was the only thing I had it wouldn't see that far. I took a shower came out and checked again, noticing they have moved out a bit and no longer 10plus but maybe 4 - 5 that are still notice able. Roommate comes and I also show him and he sees them but the have moved out more then before, but are still noticeable to a trained eye, so the binoculars come out about that moment a shooting star also comes out of no where. He sees them and notice the lights and we start noticing jets ( I know there are jets cause u can hear there engines and they are flying in a straight pattern) with weird light patterns also start showing up and flying by these objects, they move out a little more and then a little more but are still visible with binoculars and some with just your eyes. The colors give them away.

California, March 31, 2009 - Two orbs glowing in cigar shape moved slowly from east to northwest.

We first saw the two glowing orbs in cigar shape or could be two orbs in formation in the zone that airplains cruise at or maybe closer to us starting form the east moving slowly to the north west till it dissapeared off in the distance
We where outsid in front of our house smoking
something made me look up to the east sky and it was right their
didnt know what it was at first but then it seemed so strange something not of this earth almost alive
I started to yell at my friend look at that what is that look at that do you see it its a ufo
IT dissapeared in the distance

Minnesota, March 28, 2009 - Hovering object above a field off Hwy 46.

Driving home from a friend house around 9:45.I saw a light that i thought was on a smoke stack,as I got closer i realized it was above a field not on a stack. It was really bright I pulled over on a dirt road to the right and got out of my car to look it at. I then noticed it was about 500 to 1000 feet away and 200 feet off the ground. perfectly silent and rock solid in the sky with no movement at all. It consisted of a bright light with to little blinking lights to either side of it. At first i thought it must be a plane landing but it just sat there in the middle of the field for approximately 4 minutes.I then thought i would try and take a picture of it with my phone as i was reaching for my phone I got really freaked out think i was all alone on this dark road. this is very unusual for me i can barely rember getting back in my car but i was shaking and scared. again unusual. as i drove back on the road i could see some kind of shape to it but not much else. the thing i think is weird about this is this overwhelming feeling that came over me to get out of there it was out of place and from nowhere.

New Hampshire , March 12, 2009 - Looked like something was overlapping the moon.

While I was out on my deck smoking a cigeratte, I was looking at the moon and noticed how bright it was. It looked like the moon was moving which we all know it doesn't move, we do and not enough for me to notice. I ran in and got my son's digital camera (which I have never used).
Photo: Witness image.
I came out and took about 5 pictures of the moon. As I was taking the pictures, I noticed through the camera that the color of the moon had changed to red like a fiery sunset and then a blue color. Then I decided to drive to get a different view and went to Gary Lane and across the street is a dead end road, I rode to the end and the moon was bright but you could clearly see there was nothing in front of it as I had just seen. I went home.
The next day, I asked my son to downloaded the pictures and asked him what he saw. He stated that there was red in one picture and he thought there was blue in another and wanted to know what I had been looking at. I explained and after reviewing them, we decided to enhance the pics to see what we could see and there was something there. What I don't know. The direction the moon was in that night was east of Exeter, NH and the next town is either Hampton or Seabrook. (Seabrook NH has a nuclear power plant).
The actual thing I saw was triangle looking once it moved away from the moon. There were 3 blue lights on it and it was at an angle.
Yes, I believe it was a UFO and it moved away and out of the sky itself.

Pennsylvania , March 31, 2009 - I was in a car with 2 friends leaving the Oxford Valley Mall & I saw a Bedazzled UFO.

As soon as we witnessed this UFO, I called my husband who is a MUFON State Section Director as well as a Field Investigator & was in contact with him throughout the entire event to give him a full description of what was going on, but unfortunately we could not get a good picture at all.
1. We just left the Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA and were in the car coming home.
2. I saw something flying in the sky and it appeared to be sparkling.
3. I had absolutely no idea what it was-I thought it was a little too exotic to be an airplane. I was in the front passenger seat and asked my friend's daughter- who was sitting in the rear drivers seat- to look at the object flying in the sky. When she moved over to my side of the car to look out the window- she freaked out.
4. At first it appeared to be a u shape- but after I got my friend's daughter to look at it with me it appeared to be oval shaped. It was so bright and appeared to be glittering with colors not associated with airplanes. Yes, there were red, green and white lights- but also Lime green, pink, magenta, purple, orange and yellow- with a gold background. It was shimmering and glittery- (it reminded me of holding a diamond ring under a bright light with all the facets reflecting color.) The colors were more heavily concentrated in the front, but were all over the oval shape. It appeared to be 3 inches long and 1 1/2 inches high out the window, where I didn't need to really extend my neck to look up at it. It remained in sight the whole time we drove and was anywhere from 12 to 18 inches behind my line of sight.
5&6 I got this tingling sensation up and down my right arm but was not afraid. It was actually the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I kept laughing while my friend's daughter was freaking out. I called my husband to tell him about what we saw and he told me to get a picture of it. My friend sped up and pulled into a vacant lot. As we jumped out of the Minivan, the object approached and turned right. It changed into a straight line. As we attempted to capture it on film, it dissapeared.

Nevada , April 1, 2009 - triangle with 5 lights viewed about 8 seconds then dissapeared

I was exercising on my trampoline and then i spotted a large triangle shape over the mountains with 5 brightly light lights and a darkish body. It seemed to be about 6 airplanes size and it seemed to just hang in the sky suspended and then suddenly it vanished. it DID NOT fly over the mountains because i was stationary at the time and was staring at it intently trying to identify a man made aircraft. this aircraft did not have airplane characteristics because it did not make a sound, it did not leave a jet stream in the sky, and it did not have any visible wings. the sighting lasted about 8 seconds. i felt nervous and excited after this experience and then hopped on this computer and reported it.

Georgia, March 30, 2009 - Fast moving light with apparent magnitude of about 3.

A semi foggy night (could see bright stars but not faint) I was out using my newly purchased night vision monocular (Yukon digital 'Ranger') to look at stars. Not seeing much towards north or east, I pointed west where I was able to see better.
Looking just over the tree line at about 250 degrees west and about 20 degrees high I saw a bright light appearing in the viewfinder (brighter than the background stars). The 'light' traveled towards me extremely fast from west to east (250 degrees west towards 160 degrees east) and moved slightly up then down.
The object covered about 1/5th of the sky in about 5 seconds and at about 60 degrees high made an extraordinary U-turn, almost a 180-degree turn around in 1 second or less. The object, as quickly as it is approach, retreated on the same path it came. I was able to track it down to near horizon through the trees with night vision monocular. All this lasted about 15 seconds.
Summary: This was REAL and in no way a plane, meteor, rocket, military or other heavenly body. Skeptic before, I'm convinced I saw something out of this world. Nothing of our technology could move that fast and make an impossible U-turn as I saw.

Florida, March 26, 2009 - Sharply defined pale blue craft crosses half the night sky in less than 2 seconds.

I was camping with a large group at Flamingo campground in the Everglades. No light pollution nearly clear sky with bright stars. Numerous satellites, planes and several meteors also seen.
Was stargazing at double cluster near head of Perseus with a friend. As he was finding the cluster, my gaze wandered to Auriga, the Charioteer. Oddly, I happened to be gazing at the exact spot where some object appeared. The location of appearance was between Capella and beta-Aurigae. The shape was nearly elliptical but with almost pointed anterior and posterior ends. The size would be approximately equal to the appearance of a standard tylenol capsule held at arm's length - or far larger than even the largest planes we saw constantly passing overhead. There was no way to estimate its altitude. Toward the posterior end (based on the direction of flight) there seemed to be dark projecting flaps on each side - almost like the way the sealing ring on an old mason jar projects from the glass lid. The flaps did not project beyond the posterior tip of the object, and were only visible at the instant of its appearance. My impression was that they may have been vortices related to its materialization. My friend had looked up from his binoculars and immediately saw it as I shouted "Wow!"
The object either materialized at full speed or instantly accelerated to the cruising speed that carried it from about 5 degrees North of Auriga to a couple of degrees beyond Sirius in less than two seconds. If I was counting, the count would have been "one-thousand-one, one-thou." As it passed Orion, it faded slightly from view possibly from clouds but it may have also partially de-materialized. But beyond Sirius, it winked out entirely. All in all, it covered about half the visible sky on a north to south path. It made no sound of any kind. Any man-made object moving that fast would have produced a sonic boom unless it was above the atmosphere entirely. Given its size, an altitude above the atmosphere would have made it many times the size of the largest objects we can get up there.
The object was a light translucent cool blue, with very sharp and clear edges. No hint of debris or anything meteor-like. No shifting colors or edges. Too bad I was only stargazing and not filming. I asked my friend how fast he thought it was traveling (he has a pilot's license) and his response was a joking "oh about mach 27,000."
The whole thing left us fairly blown away. For myself, after seeing all kinds of films over the years on various videos, films, etc., this was nothing like the wobbly, fuzzy, out-of-focus stuff that passes for unidentified flying objects. My friend sat and talked about it for a couple of hours afterwards. It was certainly more interesting than any of the celestial bodies we were looking at.

New York, March 17, 2009 - 6 unidentified lights in parallelogram pattern

6 white lights appeared in the west sky on route 16 heading south. Time was 20:55 hours. They moved quickly, making no noise, heading to the east sky of route 16 heading south. Total time lapse 22 seconds. I was driving home from Springville after just going grocery shopping at Wal-mart. I was driving on Route 16 heading south to Machias when I saw 6 white lights in the western sky. They were at first formulated in a parallelogram shape pattern but then started to make a straight line. These lights continued over my vehicle, making no noise, into the eastern sky. I continued to watch until they disappeared. The time I noted was 20:55 (8:55pm) on my wristwatch then when they disappeared it was 20:55:22 (8:55:22pm). I could account for no sound because I had my window rolled down and it was a clear night as well.

Arizona, March 31, 2009 - Witnessed object est. 3k feet up in clear night sky: stationary multiple colored lights moving rapidly

At 8:45 PM on Tuesday night, March 31, 2009, I was out in my driveway cleaning some mud off of my shoes when I took a minute to admire the stars on a clear night. My eyes focused upon a stationary object off to my Northeast at what my father, who I asked to come out to see the object, estimated to be at about 3,000 feet up in altitude. We looked at it through two different sets of binoculars. My description of the object is of the lights associated with it, as it was too dark and the lights too bright to be able to make out a shape. As for colors, I saw greens, reds, and light yellows. The lights pulsed in a rapid series of movements, so much so, that they actually made me a bit dizzy after a couple of minutes of focusing upon them with the binoculars. At times, the lights seemed to diminish in brightness and intensity of movement, but would shortly resume their previous brightness and frenetic movement. The lights moved frenetically, but the object that they emanated from stayed perfectly still. The object made no sound that was observable to me or to my father.
As I watched it, I remarked to my father that this was officially my first sighting of a UFO. After about 30 minutes of watching the object, it either started to move off slowly towards the northeast, or the lights it emitted were reduced in intensity and movement, I couldn't tell which. About five minutes after that, I went back into the house, even though the object was still visible, in the diminished state I just described.

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