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A Florida witness watched as a cylinder-shaped neon green fireball moved across the sky over a 4-5 second period on April 7, according to witness testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

In other UFO traffic news this week from MUFON, a New York witness wants help identifying an image he found after downloading them to his computer - is this April 5 photograph a cloud or something else? In Colorado on April 6, a disc-shaped object that was apparently morphing in shape was spotted. A fireball streaked across the sky over Montana on April 6, and just when the witnesses were reacting in awe over seeing what they assumed was a meteor, the object shot back up into the sky. A glowing orb hovered over a California home on March 25. A father and son in California on April 6 watched a "clear" object with two, sometimes three lights, forming a triangle and whizzing toward downtown LA. And finally, a strobing light at about 2,000 feet over Lakewood, Colorado, just "vanished" from sight.
The following are unedited witness testimony as reported in the MUFON content management system (CMS). Witnesses may email me here if they want to report additdional details.
Some of these cases may be under investigation by MUFON. Please keep in mind that many UFO cases are resolved as something either natural or manmade. If I receive follow-up reports from MUFON, I will report back to you here.

Florida, April 7, 2009 - Cylinder shape neon green fireball, three white trails.
I went outside to smoke and upon glancing up I saw a brilliant neon-green cylinder shaped object come from the south-east heading toward the north-west on a rather straight trajectory. It seemed as large as a half-moon. During it's pass I noticed a bright red color in the center. It had three white trails behind it. This object was only in sight for 4-5 seconds and I lost track of it when it disappeared beyond the trees. I'm wondering if anyone else observed it and what was it?
New York, April 5, 2009 - I didn't notice anything when I took the picture.
Great sunny day with no clouds in brooklyn.

Colorado, April 6, 2009 - Disc-like sighting at Belleview & I-25.
At 4:15 p.m. I was driving westbound on Belleview Avenue and noticed an object in the sky. It was very stark against the clear, blue sky and that's what made me notice it. When I first saw it, it seemed quite far away, but drifted east toward where I was. At first, I thought it was a helicopter monitoring rush-hour traffic, but it's movements were not like a helicopter and when I got a better look at it as it came closer, it was obvious it was not a helicopter. It was disc-shaped, but somewhat morphic - it seemed to alternate in shape and it seemed to be drifting with and/or coasting on the wind and it was very fluid in its movements and covered some distance very quickly. It was approximately 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile away when I got a fairly good look at it. It was difficult to keep my eye on it, however, as I was driving and went under the I-25/Belleview bridge. It was traveling in a SSW direction and as I continued on Belleview, I pulled off the avenue (street/junction just before Monaco & Belleview, adjacent to office park). It didn't look like anything I'd seen before, and I know this will sound weird, but its movements reminded me of a dance ... its movements were just very fluid and graceful. But it was NOT a bird! That I know for certain! I thought maybe it could be a balloon of some sort, but its outer shell was definitely metallic, but not shiny, like mylar or polished silver ... it was more like a gun-metal gray, muted but finished enough to catch the sun's reflection. It rose and fell in altitude as it continued SSW, changing color from the sun's reflection (I think), then continued to rise in altitude before I lost sight of it. It was a clear afternoon, no clouds, but a slight, smoggy haze, and the afternoon sun was very bright.

Montana, April 6, 2009 - Fireball streaking toward ground, disappeared for 10 seconds, then shot back skyward.
From 2 miles south of Plevna (driving from south to north), MT my wife and I saw a fireball streaking down at a steep angle. It was a bit north of Plevna and was about half way up the horizon. It appeared for 1 to 2 seconds, bright flash, the fireball, a minimal fire streak with it. It was bright, then dim, then bright, then dim, then gone at about 1/4 of the horizon. We both said wow, meteor. We were excited to both have seen the "meteor". About 5-10 seconds later the same object went shooting back skyward along about the same line it took coming down. It appeared for less then a second, brightly, then was gone. It was really moving at a high rate of speed in both directions, nearly as fast going back up as it was coming down. It disappeared after that, we spent about 20 minutes watching to see if it would show up again. Once it shot back up we both knew right then and there that it couldn't be a "meteor". We both thought we spotted a UFO and were excited about it. We even tried to mentally ask it to reappear. Unfortunately that did not happen.

California, March 25, 2009 - Glowing orb hovering over my house.
I was indoors watching television when I heard a sound. It was almost subsonic as I think I felt it more than I heard it. I am not sure I can find the words to describe the sound. I had heard this sound maybe 6-10 times since I've lived here, but have never seen anything to identify what it could have been. This particular evening I heard the sound, asked others in the house if they heard it, then went outside and looked up. Above my house was a large, maybe 20-30 feet across, glowing circle. It wasn't emitting light but seemed to be lit from within. After about 3 or 4 seconds it went straight up. I saw the light go from a large circle to a very small circle then disappear. I just stood there trying to figure it all out. I could not see the entire circle so I am assuming it was just a circle, because it was directly over my house and I could just see about 2/3 of it from where I was standing beside my house. I now want to know why? I have always been interested in sightings but never had one like this before. Now I think I am just more confused then before.

California, April 6, 2009 - Clear with lights on the ends 2 and sometime 3 making a triangle.
Me and my Son were Driving home from his work and was almost home and he heard a VERY LOUD RUMBLING and we looked up to see what it was and we seen 2 lights and right over head. Sometime there were 3 lights and it made a Triangle shape. But the Weird thing was it as Clear we could see everything on the other side of the Craft like Stars so it must have been Invisible compleltely tranparent. It just flew away towards Down Town L.A.
Colorado, April 6, 2009 - Strobing light with red orbs coming out of it.
I saw a strobing white UFO from 2017-2018 on April, 7, 2009. It looked to be at about 2000’ and was around 470 and the outskirts of Lakewood, CO. I first noticed the object as it looked like the aircraft on approach to DIA. It was stationary against the mountains in the West. However, the object did not change in altitude, or course over the 2 minutes that I saw it. It was strobing fairly rapidly, like what Stan Romanek had described in his observations around this area. It was white and then had a couple of bursts of small red orbs coming from it. It then just vanished from sight after a minute of observation. I have seen objects similar to this about once a month around Lakewood since fall 2008. I am sure there are several every night in this area, but I only see them every month

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