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A UFO "shimmering orange in colour with a deeper red glow" is the latest in a spate of sightings of mysterious objects made above Badenoch and Strathspey.

Nethy Bridge resident, who did not want to be identified, is the latest individual to have witnessed unusual activity locally in the sky since the end of last year.

He described an intense source of light racing low over the hills to the east towards the village before stopping when it reached Abernethy Forest last Tuesday night.

The man was keen to go public with his UFO sighting in the hope that it had been seen by others or so that a rational explanation could be given for the mystery object.

He recalled: "I live on the western outskirts of Nethy Bridge and last Tuesday night, at about 9.45pm, I went out into the garden to the car.

"Immediately I noticed a brilliant light approaching, quite low from the east as if about to pass over the village. It was shimmering orange in colour with a deeper red glow in it also.

"It then stopped, I would guess at only about 300 feet and stayed motionless with no noise just over the edge of Abernethy Forest.

"It remained there for several minutes before seeming to just vanish.

"However it then reappeared slightly to the right and had changed colour to a deep red.

"Again it remained in this position for several minutes before seeming to move or fade slowly away. All in all, it was visible for about 10 minutes and at one point was very brilliant."

The man compared the brightness of the light during its most intense phase as being similar to the landing light of an aircraft making its final approach.

"At a guess, I would say at times it was no more than half-a-mile away and at an altitude of about 300 feet, almost directly over the village. A helicopter would have been clearly heard at that range, especially as it was a very still night."

He added: "It must have been clearly visible from the main A95 as well as much of the surrounding area, so I would be surprised if nobody else saw it, as it was stationary and in view for some time.

"I have no explanation as to what it was. It was a cloudy night with no wind, this seems to rule out satellites or such like. All in all, it seemed very similar to other reports I have read from this area in recent months.

"It would be fascinating to hear if anyone else saw anything or if they could explain what I saw."

Inverness Airport's air traffic control tower closed at 9pm which was 45 minutes before the UFO was spotted ,so they had no record there of any unexpected aerial movements in the area.

Northern Constabulary also said there was no reports of a sighting and it was a similar story at RAF Lossiemouth, where a spokesman said: "We have no reports of anything unusual in that area at that time and no reports of UFOs from our crews."

There was a host of UFO sightings around New Year all over Britain and Ireland.

Jennifer and Andy Hill of Kingussie were among dozens of people in the Highlands who reported that they had seen an unexplained orange light in the sky and since then there have been a steady stream of reports of UFOs in the strath.

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