giovedì 2 aprile 2009


Thursday, 12.08pm - A SKEGNESS man believes he may have witnessed a UFO hovering over the town.
Geoffery Clarke, of Ridley Avenue, brought photos into the Standard office of a stange-shaped bright light he spotted in November.He was prompted to bring the photos in after seeing an article published in the Daily Mail last week about UFOs and one of the images matched what he saw that night.He said: "I saw something in the sky so I got my camera with a telephoto lens. I have never seen anything like it before."I don't know if I believe in UFOs but I just saw these things and then I saw the article."It was a bright light in the sky and it was a long way away. At first it was static, then started to move so I thought I would keep with it. Then it disappeared."He said he saw the thing moving towards Gibraltar Point National Nature Reserve.The Daily Mail article was about Ministry of Defence files from 1987-1993 released by the National Archives which contain a spate of similar 'UFO' sightings.They showed the MoD was less concerned about aliens and more worried the sightings were actually of stealth aircraft being produced by America or an enemy nation.A sketch of one of these sightings matches the arched light Mr Clarke photographed in November.

Helen Bell

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