martedì 14 aprile 2009


AN ABERDEEN UFO expert today warned a further wave of activity could be on the horizon.
At the end of last year the Evening Express revealed how a spate of readers came forward after spotting suspected UFOs – ball of light moving strangely in the sky.
Now Aberdeen-based expert Ian Taylor, who has studied UFOs for more than 50 years, claims there has been another sighting in Aberdeen.
He said: “Just when we thought the active UFO sighting wave of late 2008 had all but ceased, yet another sighting took place to the east end of Aberdeen.”
The UFO expert spotted a “brilliant” orange-red light moving above the roof-line of homes on Aberdeen’s Gray Street, near Great Western Road.
“I thought it seemed rather too bright for an aircraft search beam and was the wrong colour. There was no sound either,” said UFO expert Ian, of Aberdeen’s West End.
“The light was extremely vibrant, almost neon-like. It then stopped in its tracks.”
Ex-RAF man Mr Taylor watched the potential UFO for around two-and-a-half minutes before it headed east and out of view.
He said: “Whether this UFO sighting marks another active wave will be revealed through vigilance by the people of Aberdeen.”

Lynn Kernan

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