venerdì 10 aprile 2009


A Florida witness explains he discovered a strange object near a FedEx jet Feb. 8, according to a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database report.
The cropped and blown up piece of the photo, below, shows more detail on the craft shape.
The witness is asking for help identifying exactly what the UFO could be.
This report may be under investigation by the Florida MUFON. Please remember that many UFO reports can be explained as something natural of manmade. If Florida MUFON follows up with a report on this photo, I will report back to you.
The following is the unedited witness statement from the MUFON content management system (CMS).

Florida, Feb. 8, 2009 - I would say it was disk shaped...with a light coming from the bottom
I was photographing an eagle with my Nikon Digital and 500mm lens. I've always haphazardly shot photos of airplanes passing...especially with the telephoto - it really pulls them in closer.
I shot one photo of a jet, then another photo less than 2 seconds after. I didn't know what kind it was until I downloaded in on my computer. The first photo shows the jet with blue sky all around and some spots that were on my lens. Then I looked at the second photo...without thinking I cropped it closer to get a better look (deleted the originals off the camera). The object I saw was puzzling because in the photo shot seconds before...nothing. I don't think it's possible for that object to have appeared in 2 seconds from that great distance.

Roger Marsh

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