venerdì 17 aprile 2009


A witness reported video taping a UFO from his seat during the early morning along Chicago's Midway Orange Line on March 16, 2009, according to a report filed with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The man was on the train at 5:34 a.m. when he saw what appeared to be an anomalous object moving through the sky.

His complete, unedited statement follows: "This morning I was on my way to work while riding on the Midway Orange Line train, I happen to be looking out the window over at the 35th and Archer stop, I saw this glowing disk shape object when loking towards the south east. It just stud therte for about 35 sec. And the it flew away. 

"I really don't know that this is, but perhaps maybe you all can figure this out and tell me what this is."

MUFON's Illinois Director, Sam Maranto, watched the video tape this afternoon and said he believes "the witness may have been observing the fuselage of an airplane that was reflecting the morning sun."

"There was no unusual motion," Maranto said, "and it's most likely an airplane."

Take a look for yourself. Here is the video that was submitted with the report by the witness.


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