giovedì 2 aprile 2009


Whilst quietly taking an afternoon nap on Saturday, Janet brown had a rude awakening. As she was sat in the awning of her caravan on the Villasol campsite in Benidorm, a mystery projectile landed on the roof.
The unknown object set fire to the overhead sunscreen and, having done so, dropped through the burnt screen and set fire to the awning as well. By the time neighbours noticed and had raised the alarm, a large hole had been made by the UFO. Buckets of water brought the fire under control but not before, what the insurers believe will be about 3,000 euros of damage had been caused.
The incident was reported to then campsite management who were indifferent to say the least. The duty manager strongly advised against calling the police, the implication given was that this could compromise the camper’s residence on the site. As is usual in such communities friends gathered round to assist in carrying out temporary repairs, luckily just in time for the deluge of rain that fell shortly afterwards and continued unabated over the weekend and Monday.
A close inspection of the burnt remains of the UFO were carried out by just about everyone concerned but with inconclusive results. One eye witness claimed to have seen it travelling almost horizontally across the site before landing on the poor woman’s premises.

David Mills

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