domenica 12 aprile 2009


A motorist was left speechless when he spotted a strange object hovering in the skies above Chichester Harbour.
James Morgan said he and his friends were startled by the unidentified flying object which he described as a 'very visible disc-shaped object'.

The 22-year-old kitesurfing instructor from Earnely said: "It was approximately 200ft in the air within

 the vicinity of Birdham Road near the Chichester Harbour junction on Friday, April 3, at about 5.45pm.

"It was rotating on its own axis and just staying there. It was metallic silver in its appearance and looked like nothing I have ever seen. 

"Everyone in the car saw it straight away and I am sure lots of other people would have seen it as well.

"We even turned around to stop and have a better look, but it sped off to the cloud line until it was out of sight."

Mr Morgan added: "I am more than certain that it wasn't a plane, helicopter, balloon, remote control blimp or anything that the Ministry of Defence could explain.

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