martedì 31 marzo 2009


A Wigan student walking home from college through Mesnes Park has come forward with a remarkable story of a close encounter of the third kind.
Jonathan Lednowsky, 18, of Springfield, contacted the Evening Post to warn others of a shadowy nine-foot tall being prowling the park - though he stressed he believes it to be totally harmless.Jonathan said: "It was in December when it happened but I have not told anyone because I didn't think they would believe me. But there has been loads of stories lately about UFO sightings and alien encounters - I thought I'd better warn other people in case they came into contact with it and were frightened."I had just finished college and was walking home through the park. It was dusk, not pitch black and this weird feeling came over me that I was being watched, although I couldn't see or hear anybody else."I walked on and got to near the cafe in the middle of the park when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was huge."I've never really been a believer of all that ET stuff but as soon as I saw it I knew what it was."What Jonathan, originally from Poland, told us next is like something from a science fiction movie."It had these big green eyes and a sort of white glow around it and it beckoned me towards it with one of its stick-like fingers."I remember being really scared at first and wanting to run but then a sort of calm came over me and I started to move towards the creature almost in a trance-like state."I hadn't been drinking or anything. I was stone-cold sober. I got to within about six-feet of the creature and it raised a huge hand to signal me to stop - then it reached into my bag, pulled out a pie I had left over from my dinner and then disappeared in a beam of light which suddenly appeared out of the sky."I couldn't believe it - it nicked my pie."Though fully recovered from his ordeal, Jonathan says the encounter has totally changed his outlook on life."You hear about these sort of things and it altering people's perceptions and values, and I must admit since that day I have changed," he said. "Now, I always take a pasty for dinner."

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