venerdì 27 marzo 2009


UFO sightings continue to occur in Wrexham

Earlier this week, the Evening Leader revealed how a couple from the Sontley Road area outside Wrexham returned home at about 7.40pm to watch in amazement as five brightly-lit objects soared overhead.At first, they thought they might have been seeing a helicopter until they realised the objects were completely silent.The man said: "At first there was just one of them, then another two of these things went over our home, followed by another two."As they passed overhead some of them just seemed to vanish into thin air but one or two of them appeared to shoot off at high speed."The man's wife said: "I really thought aliens were coming to get me."These lights were coming from the direction of Rhostyllen and heading towards Marchwiel."Soon after our story appeared, we were contacted by Kara Edwards, of Tan-y-Coed, who claimed she had seen the same lights at exactly the same time.Kara, 25, said: "I was up in my bedroom at about 7.45pm on Sunday and was looking out of the window towards Abenbury when I saw these orange objects in the sky."At first I thought they were planes but there were too many of them and after going over the house they shot off at high speed."She added: "I couldn't believe what I had just seen and texted all my friends to tell them about it."None of them believed me and thought I was joking - but I know what I saw."The helilog of North Wales Police shows the lights are unlikely to have been the force helicopter, which was quite some distance away at the time of the sightings.Sunday's reports come as the latest in a long line of possible UFO sightings over the Wrexham area.

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