lunedì 23 marzo 2009

Tonga: UFO trails plane

An intersting UFO incident that occurred in the Polynesian nation of Tonga in the South Pacific was reported on the front page of the Samoan Observer which wrote that:"Two unidentified flying objects commonly know as UFO were sighted in the sky above Eua Island in Tonga on 31 January 2009.
The man who made the discovery is a visiting French photographer and journalist named Daniel Ubertini.
Mr Ubertini did not see the saucer-like phenomena with his naked eye. They were captured by his camera in photos taken of the airfield at the time. In the photo is also an image of an inter island aircraft belonging to Great Barrier Airlines parked on Eua Airport. It is understood the UFOs were following this aircraft while it was airborne. After he had loaded the camera’s images in the computer he discovered two distinctive round images in the background."No pictures have come to light.

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